Monday, August 7, 2017

Open Access eBooks on JSTOR!

Over 600+ Open Access eBooks, from esteemed presses such as University of California Press and University of Michigan Press, are available on JSTOR!

The content is available to anyone for use and there are no limits on PDF downloads or printing!

The eBooks range in topics from anthropology, religion, sociology, literature, history, and countless others. You can cross search the Open Access titles to find journals and primary sources on related subject matter. You will be able to access, read, and download the eBooks at your convenience whether on campus or at home.

You can simply go directly to the JSTOR website or access JSTOR through myportal. To access the content through myportal log in, and under “My resources and links” click “Library Databases”. Under the heading “Do Research” you will find “JSTOR Databases”. Once you click the link, it will take you to the JSTOR homepage. The second box labeled “Open Access eBooks” will take you to a list of available eBooks in an Excel file. From that list, you can browse the eBook titles. Once a title is selected, you can search for the book on the JSTOR homepage.

Visit JSTOR for interdisciplinary, full-text, scholarly, and peer-reviewed sources for your future research needs!