Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Library Week After Action Report

Thanks to everyone who participated for helping make Library Week last week such a great success!  The pizza and snowball day had an excellent turn out and there certainly wasn't any leftovers.  Many people also took us up on the offer of fine free book returns to their great advantage.  :)

On Friday the library had a drawing for the Library Week Raffle, and the winner of the Kindle e-book reader was Anita Gautreaux.  Congratulations Anita!
raffle prize presentation

Thanks again to all who enjoyed the Library Week events.  Hope you all had an excellent time!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrate Library Week - April 16 - 20

The Library is celebrating this week. Come join us! For our raffle, look for the Library flyers. Each flyer displays a quote from a book in the Library. Decipher the quote by searching our online catalog with the call number (located at the bottom of the flyer) or scan the QR code (also at the bottom of the flyer) with your smart phone. If you don't have a code scanner, there are a few great free apps: Red Laser Barcode Scanner, AT&T Code Scanner and ScanLife Barcode Reader are just a few. Good luck to everyone who enters!
Also, don't miss the pizza and snowballs on Wednesday, 12-2 in the Library Commons parking lot. Details of Library Week are below.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Database Access Change

As of March 30th, the electronic resources - specifically the databases for finding academic journal articles - are now only available through the Portal.

To access the databases, log in through the Portal (same as you do for Moodle) and you'll see an area to the left called the dashboard.  In this icon clump there will be an icon with mouseover text that reads: “Connect to Library Databases.”  The icon looks like three blue stacked disks.  Click there to gain access to the library databases.  It no longer matters if you are on or off campus for database access, the way to get on is the same.

If you are having trouble accessing your Portal account for any reason, please contact IT by emailing or by calling 225-768-1720.

Good luck on exams!  And have a great spring break next week. :)