Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates to LOUIS Funding Webpage

As has been recently mentioned here on the Library Blog, our electronic resources are in grave peril.  The Board of Regents has cut LOUIS funding by $2.7 million.  After discussing the negative effects of the cuts $500,000 was granted to carry the consortium for 2 months.  The LALINC Executive Committee met on July 19 to make decisions on how to proceed.

As it turns out, LALINC members voted almost unanimously to pay the difference in funding so that most services can be continued.  However, some of the electronic resources will not be kept.  The list follows.
WebFeat / 360 Search - expires Sept. 30, 2010 SPORTDiscus (EBSCOhost(r)) - expires August 31, 2010 OED Online - Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press) - expires August 31, 2010 CQ Global Researcher - expires December 31, 2010 WorldBook Online -- expires August 31, 2010 International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA) (EBSCOhost(r)) - expires August 31, 2010
 In other news, the LOUIS web page has been updated to become more user friendly.  The help of students has been very influential in these discussions, so please make note of the contact information provided on that page and repeated here to let your elected officials know that you use and need to use LOUIS electronic resources.

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