Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Libraries across the Atlantic

The British Library
The British Library received the 2010 London Green 500 Platinum award for reducing carbon emissions significantly.  The Platinum award is given right after the Gold award, which the library received in 2009.

This award was given as a result of the library's program of energy efficient lighting upgrades.  Highlights of this project include:
  • Kings Library Tower LED lighting project, reducing CO2 emissions by 50%
  • St Pancras public areas LED feature lighting project including the installation of 459 metres of LED linear lighting resulting in a reduction of power consumption from 50 W to 4.8 W per metre
  • External St Pancras LED lighting projects including the installation of LEDs across external areas of the Library such as the Piazza and Poet’s Circle
  • ‘Half Hourly; electricity and gas meter project’ to measure amount and times of usage at the Library’s site in Boston Spa, Yorkshire
As the national library of the United Kingdom, the British Library is home to a collection of over 150 million items collected over 250 years of history.
From the blog of Peter Scott.