Thursday, March 7, 2013

Useful Information from the College Library

What is EBSCO A-Z?

It's a powerful tool for searching our online, full-text journal

You can use it to:

  • Browse or search for full-text electronic journals by title.
  • Search for a specific title to see whether we have electronic full-text access.

If we do have access, there will be a list of 1 or more links to the database(s) that carries
it. Click the database title, and it will take you to that journal in the database. You can then search the entire resource or navigate to a specific article.


Something to Keep in Mind...
Many journals are not available online for a period of time after publication date (6 months, 12 months, etc...). This is called an embargo, and the embargo period will be listed, if applicable. You can also check the list of print journals (found under Library Resources on the library’s
website or Portal) to see whether the Library has a title on the shelves. If there is an article that isn't in our
online or print collection, don't worry. We can obtain most articles through our interlibrary
loan service.
To request an article(s) through iterlibrary loan, just bring your request to the library or email it to For Interlibrary Loan information, including FAQs and more details on submitting a request, check our Library Services page.

Want to Use A-Z?
To get to EBSCO A-Z, first log in to the College Portal. Click the "Connect to Library Databases" icon in the Launch Pad (it looks like a blue cylinder). This will take you to the "Library Resources" page. From here, just click on "EBSCO A-Z" and begin your search.

A Great Free Resource
When searching for articles, check out This site has links to quality medical journals that provide free articles (most on this site are free after one year).