Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to the Fall 2012 Semester

Welcome Students!

The Library is happy to announce a new college supply vending machine. Students will be able to purchase packs of scantron test sheets from this machine, located in the Library Commons. Other items that will be available in the machine include:  a variety of pens & pencils, erasers, remedies, wite out, headphones, batteries, hi-liters, and more...


Lunch at the Library returns this semester with a great line-up of trucks. This service is provied to give students an on-campus lunch option. Check the Library webpage twitter widget or twitter page (LibraryLunch) for up to the minute updates. Trucks scheduled for this semester include: Taco de Paco, Curbside, Bon Repas, Garcia's Taco & Grill, Dolce Vita Pizza, Chicken Shack Express and possibly others. Come support this great service!

The wonderful SGA is providing free coffee for students (2 boxes/month). The coffee is located in the back break room of the Library Commons. Condiments are not provided.

Don't miss out on all the FREE welcome week activities, August 20 - 24th! Free food & games will be at the Library Commons & Main Library parking lots. Also, come check out the display in the Main Library lobby!

Wishing you a great semester,

Your Library Staff