Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now Send Questions to the Library from your Smartphone using Meebo!

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It's here! Meebo Mobile, with apps for iPhone & Android and a mobile interface.  Now you can send questions to the Library from your smartphone.  Meebo can also be used as an alternative to text messaging, essentially providing you with FREE UNLIMITED TEXTING to anyone with a Meebo account!!!
  • Smartphone users can use meebo through the mobile interface through their phone's browser at
  • For iPhone and Android users, download the Meebo app.  The app is currently free.
  • You can also add all your other IM accounts to Meebo and use them through its web interfaces and apps. Compatability Logos

Don't Forget to Add the College Library!:
After you have created a free account with one of the apps or at, simply add the library to your "buddies."  Our ID is: ololcollegelibrary.  We will confirm you ASAP and then you can begin sending your questions.  You won't miss our responses because your complete chat history will be saved, unlike when using the guest chat widgets from our website.

If you need any help setting this up, just stop by the library for assistance.

Meebo for iPhone
Meebo for Android:

*Please note that the College Library's Meebo response time varies, as our staff is often away from the computer, assisting patrons in the library.  When we're online, we will answer all questions as soon as possible.  If you would like to send a comment or question about Meebo, please email the Library staff at:
Thank you