Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a little news.

For those just getting started in the wonderful world of citation the LSU library has a whole page of helpful style guides to get you started.  APA, MLA, and even Turabian have useful links to resources that will help you cite with the appropriate style.

The Hendrix College Bailey Library also keeps a page of handy resources, including the quick and dirty how to with examples for APA, Chicago, and MLA pages.

Our wiki page also has a few more handy links for your researching needs.  Just scroll through the list to find what you need.  There are print books physically in the library if you still need help.

In other news, LSU's Middleton Library is having an exhibit called Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic and Medicine.  If you're interested this exhibit will run through January 24 to March 6 in the lobby at Middleton Library at LSU Baton Rouge.  Original books dated as early as 1536 will be on display in the lecture hall and the panels on display are viewable on the web thanks to the National Library of Medicine.